Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Purpose of This Blog

The purpose of this blog is to discuss and share information related to the harm perpetrated by the aviation industry. Over the past two years I have discovered a relationship between the onset of high blood pressure and the substantial increase of jet over flights. Further research indicates a direct relationship between over flights and many modern epidemics.

I used to be a frequent flier as a commuter between Southern California and Southeastern Kentucky. I always appreciated the quiet upon arriving at my rural Kentucky home. That quiet has been eliminated by the aviation industry in less than two years.

I tried to obtain information about the increase in flights from the various arms of the FAA. It didn't take long to determine the governmental side of this industry would offer nothing to a concerned citizen, except institutional lying. I was told several times 'there are no flights over your area'. I contacted a member of the House of Representatives to see if his office could determine why there was such a significant increase in flights. His office was told the same lie. There are often 2000 flights per day over my home.

The studies I have found regarding this matter are tedious and laced with technical terms. My professional training and experience has helped me understand the significance of the aviation industry to our health.

One European study of 5,000 participant found an increase of blood pressure under very normal circumstances. If you are asleep at a sound level equal to a quiet conversation in a library and a jet overflight is the loudness of a baby's breath your blood pressure will increase an average of 14%. Blood pressure elevations increase as the sound levels of over flights increase.

The health issues are many and significant. For example, a recent study from Stanford University indicates a 197% increase in breast cancer for citizens under flight paths.

Other issues include air pollution and the destruction of polar ice. I will post links to these and other studies in future posts.

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  1. Phillip,
    Identical experiance with my home, my congressman, my dealing with FAA, my local politicians. A small general aviation airport was converted needlessly to a international freight and passenger terminal (one already very close by). One evil congressman continually pours federal dollars into the expansion while the remaining congressmen play helpless. County commissioners play helpless but continually support the Good-ol-boys that profit from this expansion. Huge investments at both the state and federal level have built a uneeded road network into basicly nowhere to enable the international status of the airport and to fuel land use conversion (and profiteering)in an envoironmentally sensitive place that should never have been exploited in the first place.

    FAA's arrogance destroys much more than just the people under the flyovers. It radiates in ever increasing circles, and nowhere is there a voice for the earth. I guess that would be us......