Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Open Letter to All Sufferers of Aviation Arrogance

I ask for all concerned Sufferers of Aviation Arrogance to realize this issue in not airport noise, it is aviation noise. I live many miles from any major airport and experience hundreds and often thousands of aviation disturbances every day. Many are over 60 decibels in what used to be a quiet rural environment. Right now at 12:30 AM Thursday January 28 I am listening to jet over flights about every two minutes [inside my house with all windows closed].

I am trying to understand how to tackle this problem but find no one or no agency represents us on the ground. Aviation has a big bad government agency stonewalling any effort to understand the problem.

Could those of you that are more knowledgeable then me please suggest to the small community of aviation sufferers how we might use our collective energies to mount a credible fight?

At least speak to this problem as a national / international issue, not a neighborhood airport matter. This further divides our meager efforts.

Thank you,

Phillip Gilbert

Monday, January 10, 2011

General Aviation is Self-regulated!

How special is general aviation? According to Jeffrey Goldberg, national correspondent for The Atlantic magazine;

general-aviation industry is almost entirely “self-regulated.” The TSA has proposed that it be allowed to impose certain security measures on private jets, such as requiring operators to ensure that their passengers are not on the no-fly list, but for now the agency screens only those Americans who cannot afford to fly on private planes. The TSA administrator, John Pistole, suggested he sees a less substantial threat from general aviation than he does in the commercial realm, and the general- aviation “community” is not enthusiastic about government regulation. “Clearly the general-aviation community has a lot of equities and interest in our rules,” he told me, delicately

Wow, the general aviation community is not enthusiastic about government regulation! Very convenient for the special few. They are not enthusiastic about unleaded fuels even though one gallon of aviation fuel has enough lead to measurable lower the IQ of many thousands of children. Maybe even yours. DO you every notice those private planes in your environment? If you live in the United States you and your family are subjected to airborne lead. Just don't get enthusiastic about this.

Oh, don't be surprised when a general aviation craft is part of a terrorist attack. At least that's what Jeffrey Goldberg says. See his article here.