Monday, October 25, 2010

Biofuels for the Manifest Destiny Crowd

How special is aviation in America? The federal government through the USDA is working on a plan, subsidized by the US taxpayer to create biofuels for the aviation industry. ‘Farm to Fly’ is the supporting lymric. Biofuels have been largely discredited for various reasons, not the least is the intensive use of petro fuels and chemicals to produce this misnamed product.

Recently we saw the beginnings of food riots in Mexico and other countries when a similar biofuels effort drove up the cost of corn. Wait until starving people realize the limited availability of food is caused by the production of aviation fuel for privileged members of the manifest destiny crowd.

Other issues to consider? How about the increase in petro chemicals into our water sheds thus increasing the impact of a growing dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

Scientists say the farming areas of the mid west are headed to a resurgent dust bowl of unprecedented magnitude. At least us chosen people will be able to fly into the dusty sunset.

More detail regarding this news can be found here:;_ylc=X3oDMTJwNWtxazVpBF9TAzk3MzU5NzE1BGdycElkAzY1OTg0BGdycHNwSWQDMTcwNTA2NDE3NwRtc2dJZAMyMTI2NgRzZWMDZG1zZwRzbGsDdm1zZwRzdGltZQMxMjg4MDA1NDIz

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