Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Rogue Industry

Some would say the airline industry is a rogue industry. Maybe some questions would help determine the truth:

Can a citizen influence where airlines fly? No!

Can a citizen influence when airline fly? No!

Must an airline respond to complaints of noise? No!

Can any aircraft fly over your home anytime at any loudness? Yes!

Are airlines and airports subsidized by the taxpayer? Yes!

Does general aviation comply to lead free fuel regulations? No?

Can a citizen readily identify an aircraft? No, or with difficulty.

Can a State regulate aircraft on behave of it's citizens? No!

Can a State regulate aircraft noise? No!

Are airlines responsible to any agency regarding citizens on the ground? No!

How did the aviation industry become so special? How are they different from a 'normal' citizen?

If I drive a vehicle without a recognizable and traceable license I would be ticketed or arrested. Have you ever tried to identify an airplane? If you can determine the ID your are very lucky indeed. But say you get lucky, what is the next step? A group recently went to court to obtain aircraft ownership information. This was after trying to obtain this information via the Freedom of Information Act. The FAA maintains this information must be kept secret for reasons of privacy. Wow, these folks can fly over my [and your] house anytime, over and over, and their identity is protected by a taxpayer funded federal agency.

I own a 1964 Studebaker Avanti. Nice car! Of course I can't obtain leaded fuel. No problem. I understand the importance of keeping lead out of the environment. So I rebuild the engine at considerable cost so I can use unleaded fuel. Or if I was willing to break federal law I could try to get LEADED fuel at any airport. Essentially all general aviation aircraft still use leaded fuel! Think about that next time you are overflown. Why is aviation so special?

Looks rogue to me.

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