Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Aviation Biofuels is like Tobacco Industry Misinformation

This week several news web sites and blogs have publicized biofuels for jet engines. Following is a sample response I made:

We must come to understand aviation as we know it is over. Any industry hangs on to profits at any cost for as long as possible. Biofuels is one example of deceptive public relations.

Publicizing aviation biofuels is like the tobacco industry unveiling a sustainable tobacco as an answer to the health issues related to smoking.

Hurling a 500 ton metal hulk into the air will continue to damage the environment and harm the health of millions on the ground with or without biofuels.

Beyond Climate Change issues studies indicate jet over flights can cause an increase in breast cancer. All cardiovascular diseases can be caused or worsened by jet over flights. There are many studies by respected organizations indicating the harm caused by aviation.

Serious people involved in studying and communicating the dangers of climate change cannot afford to be deniers when it comes to related matters such as aviation.
I respect and appreciate the many accomplishments of Climate Progress and read the Climate Progress blog every day

Climate Progress is the best source for climate change information. Check it out.

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  1. Phillip,

    Just found this blog through NFA link. Find myself compelled to comment on every post so far. You are on to something here, and share a informed and balanced voice to this huge issue.

    As with climate change, each of us is in some small way prostitute to the problem. I desparatly fight the need to fly, even internaly questioning a individuals ethical 'right' to fly. I cannot personally justify the negative impacts to earth and its inhabitants for my 'need' to travel quickly. It is all very personal and somewhat emotional.

    FAA is on my to-read list from now on. You have found an important place to share yourself with the world . Welcome.