Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's Up To Us

I appreciate comments made by Salvage:
FAA's arrogance destroys much more than just the people under the flyovers. It radiates in ever increasing circles, and nowhere is there a voice for the earth. I guess that would be us......

Its important for me to know there are other voices in the wilderness offended by aviation arrogance. One tactic of the aviation industry involves marginalizing our voices. For example:

Not long ago, a "noise consultant" named Mark Johnson, working for Landrum & Brown, addressed a planning meeting for the expansion of the Albany, N.Y., airport. He wagged his eyebrows and declared: "We're not saying that people who complain about noise are out of their minds. Let's just say it's a sociological problem." As more and more people are driven out of their minds by noise, Johnson will find that it has become a political problem as well, and therefore an industry problem. Eventually, the FAA will be forced to abandon its disgracefully intimate collusion with the aviation industry.

C:\Air Traffic\Airline Pollution The Sky Has Its Limits - TIME.mht

Speak your mind. Tell your friends. Practice democracy!

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